Health & Safety

Health and Safety has now become one of the primary concerns of any entertainer, whether mobile disco, live music or cabaret. And you, the client need to know that when you book an artiste that there electrical equipment has current Portable Appliance Tested (P.A.T) and they have Public Liability Insurance (PLI).
Although PLI is not a legal requirement, it is common sense to have it, we all like to know that we are covered in the event of some form of accident or accidental damage.
Checking that equipment complies with HSE Electricity at Work Act 1989, is a requirement in the UK. It entails checking the Electrical and Mechanical safety of a piece of equipment, the most common way of complying with this is Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.).,
As a company we also, do not allow any of our artistes to use smoke machines, pyrotechnics or strobes, unless it is an essential part of their act or the client request there use in writing prior to the event.
If you require more information on any of the above, please contact us on:
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